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 Kamiko Kago (FIN)

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Kamiko Kago

Kamiko Kago

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PostSubject: Kamiko Kago (FIN)   Kamiko Kago (FIN) Icon_minitimeSun May 11, 2014 12:11 am

Name: Kamiko Kago

Wolf’s Head
Wolf’s Head Girl
(Both in reference to her sword)

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Guild: Gray Fox

Rank: B

Location of Guild Marking: On her back between her neck and left shoulder



Height: 5'4"

Weight: 133

Hair Color: Purple

Eye Color: Green

Guild Mark Color: Purple


Kamiko is a brooding young girl with only one thought on her mind: revenge. She has made this her one focus in life and she spends all of her spare time training because of this. When she isn’t training, she’s dwelling on her feelings of abandonment and hatred. Training and going on missions can be considered the simple pleasures she enjoys in life except for her love of raw carrots. Nothing gives her more pleasure than completing a mission, however. Failure elicits the opposite reaction from her and leaves her frustrated and sends her into a temporary depression. While this reaction isn’t as severe during a sparring match or an argument it is plain to see that she is a poor sport. If she’s commanding or pleading for the other person to shut up, it means she has no response and she is losing the argument. She is very prideful and does not tolerate any perceived insults towards herself or her family. While she’ll bark back at anyone who thinks they can get away with snide comments. she doesn’t usually back up any of her threats. Despite the violence she is capable of using in battle, she ultimately doesn’t want to hurt anyone. This prevents her from dealing a killing blow against a downed opponent without great hesitation. While she focuses on her fighting skills, she pays little attention to her social skills. She hates small talk and personal questions. What she does enjoy is bragging and winning arguments which is part of the reason she’s quick to join one. Besides insults and aimless conversation, she also hates perverted comments and actions, especially those directed towards her. While she rarely shows it, she’s insecure about her body. Her desires flip between going back to childhood before her body ever started changing and already being an adult and being fully developed. Both of these idealized versions of herself stem from her love of her father; she is desperate to go back to a time when he was still alive and simultaneously wants to grow up to be like her father. Due to her inability to open up and share her feelings, she’s on a fast track to the latter.



The Kago name goes back centuries before the eclipse that took away the sun. Throughout the history of the family, these men have worked for both legal and dark guilds for the sole purpose of honing their skill with the sword and not allowing magic to erase the art of the sword from the world. Naturally, the latter is performed by using their own nullification magic in tandem with their swords. Usually, they would be trained as swordsman and magic users from a young age, grow apart from their parents as they reached adulthood leaving to pursue their own ideas and then begin the cycle again with their firstborn son. Kamiko Kago deviated from this path at birth though she couldn’t exactly help being female.

Kamiko was born to the infamous Katsu Kago 14 years ago. Katsu had honed his skills in a dark guild for many years after running away from home before deciding to roam the land surviving on his skill as a swordsman and his wits. Accompanying him was his lover, Akira Todo. While she was a very stubborn and cold girl when he had met her, he had eventually broken through the walls she put up to keep others out. Unfortunately, just as she feared in a case of a self fulfilling prophecy, she became more dependent on him over time as their relationship continued and her desire to maintain the persona she had created for herself paled in comparison to her desire to be understood and loved. In direct contrast, Katsu’s will was indomitable and though he was more tender with her than anyone else, her stubborn unapproachable personality was part of what made him fall in love with her and he slowly lost respect for her as she slowly metamorphosed into a different person. Already unable to completely let his guard down, his desire to not become weak like her. In a short time after departing from their guild, he had taken complete control over the relationship with Akira being more of an accessory to his growing reputation that he was creating with his signature wolf’s head katana than her own person.

Several years into their relationship after many battles, much travel and a lost child, two significant events in the couple’s life had begun to coincide with each other: Akira was pregnant again and her health had already been declining for over a year. At this point, the two had taken character changes as well. Akira’s spirit was completely broken. She was unwilling to replace her mental barricades or resist Katsu, who had been verbally abusing her for many years and she barely interacted with him anymore. Katsu had also changed. While he hadn’t been worried about her paling skin and increasingly withdrawn nature, when the symptoms of her pregnancy had arrived once again, he had begun to feel an unfamiliar emotion: distress. At first because he had mistaken her morning sickness for illness, but as he looked at her pale almost gray skin and skeletal frame, he questioned if she could bear another child. While he initially wasn’t willing to compromise his life by raising a child, his opinion had changed. He had a legacy to continue after all. Katsu wanted to start a family with Akira.

In the final months of their relationship, they had finally settled down in one location. At least, temporarily until they were blessed with their child. During this time, Katsu had spent all of his available time with his lover. He saw her as weak and fragile and he wanted to protect her and his child. Unfortunately, he ultimately failed in this task. At least, partially. His wife had experienced a difficult childbirth that had ended in her death shortly afterwards. The child, however, had survived. At first, he didn’t know how he would raise her alone or what this meant for his legacy. He had instantly regretted the loss of his first son as well as his wife. He loved his child but he couldn’t help but feel resentment towards her.

He had decided to dedicate his life to being a good father towards his daughter as he slowly accepted that the legacy of the Kago ended with him. He hadn’t changed as much as he believed despite his efforts. He still roamed sustaining them both on his ability to think, intimidate and fight. Kamiko was an energetic and loud child which were two things he had little tolerance for. He punished and chastised her often but it only temporarily curbed her behavior. In the end, he discovered that he could tolerate her best when he could control her movements and ignore her words. For a time, she was an accessory to him, hanging off of his hand or neck like jewelry or on his back like a sack. While she hadn’t learned discipline, what she did learn was a basic understanding of how they survived though skewed through a romantic lens. Take what you want by yelling and back it up with force if you don’t get what you want. While it didn’t take in account for the chance of failure or the use of wit, it was quite useful when she had found her father dead as she was stirred from her sleep by the departure of the assassin who was merciful enough to not take her life as well, even as she screamed and pleaded for her father to respond to her as she sobbed.

They say that there are five stages of grief including acceptance. She could vouch for that. She had denied his death, she had bargained for his life and felt depression when she contemplated her own life and death. She was stuck on anger after she had progressed past the latter. Even after two years of gallivanting around with her father’s blade and only an ameteur level of competency with it she was still enraged. Her mastery of magic was even less impressive. She had only recently found a teacher of her father’s style. She survival was based upon theft, intimidation and pity for the orphaned girl who was starving. By two years, she had decided two things: she needed to kill her father’s killer and she needed to become more skilled at a faster rate. She had decided to set out to find a guild to help her develop her skills and track down information on why her father was killed. That was how she had found Grey Fox. The name immediately reminded her of the blade she carried even though it actually depicted a wolf. With her unimpressive skill and the power of the guild, she assumed that she was only accepted out of pity. She was willing to accept that to achieve her goals however. When she first joined Gray Fox, she didn’t get along with anyone and could only go out on the most basic missions which frustrated her and almost made her give up. Over the course of years, she grew from a brat with no skills to brat that could at least hold her own in a fight with other mages. She had also mellowed out a bit though she still held a temper. She was given missions of greater difficulty which made her felt as if she was growing stronger. While she still had no information on the identity of her father’s killer, she was determined to find him. The man in a dark cloak and rimmed hat with black flowing hair. The man that she had only seen from behind with no memory of his face or a guild tattoo.
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Kamiko Kago (FIN)
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