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 Ayumu - Wip

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PostSubject: Ayumu - Wip   Ayumu - Wip Icon_minitimeSun May 11, 2014 5:52 am

Ayumu - Wip Tumblr_mtm0tsS2p61r15w9ao1_500-1-_zpsd5803332
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Name : Ayumu Yuuki Inoue

Alias: Yu Yu

Age : 17

Gender : Male

Guild: Two-Tailed Neko

Rank : S

Pet: His teddy bear Theodore

Location of Guild Marking: Ayumu - Back of his neck, Theodore - Under his eye patch



Upon first appearance Ayumu come off tired and a little scary that is from his most noticeable feature which are the dark circles under his eyes. This dark circles are lightly purple in color which oddly match both his hair and eye color which are also shades of purple. His hair unlike the clothes he wears is rather unkempt and rather messy, the color oh his hair varies strangely depending on the current lighting of the area. While in area's where its rather dark his hair has a rather deep purple color with hints and undertones of blue in it. His hair changes rather greatly while in the sunlight, once a deep purple now more like a pale lavender color his hair turns into still with the small undertones of blue in it. His eyes when looking into them most people get slightly creeped out by them as their natural color is actually that of gray but for some reason the gray comes off as a rather light tone of purple. Looking upon Ayumu's face it hard to read what he is really thinking as his facial expression comes along in only two forms which is that of a smile or a frown. Making it hard to really read what he is really thinking.

Unlike the attire of most of the rest of his guild Ayumu is unusually fashioned in vintage English look.  Which makes him stand out a bit from his guild's Japanese Inn.  He is found in a black suit which has the undertones of purple within it.  Though it is a three piece suit he wears it rather different, instead of pressed straight pants he wears tailored tight capri's that end right after his knees.  Unlike his pants his blazer is rather normally matching the same color of his pants the only oddity one might find in his blazer is unlike his pants which are tight the blazer comes off big and loose always falling off his shoulders.  Then we come upon his third piece of his suit set which is his vest unlike the others the color doesn't fall the same but is a deep wine color the vest is tailored to perfectly hung his body unlike his blazer but similar to his pants as if Ayumu was simply a hanger.  He fashions a accessory on his vest which is a black leather belt with a shiny gold buckle.  Underneath both his blazer and vest Ayumu wears a another tight article of clothing, a collared shirt which unlike many collared shirts is decorated with a frilly collar which is closed with a black bow tie.  The shirt though is tight fitted looses up at the cuffs which are peeled back and cuffed over the ends of his jacket.  Shoe wise Ayumu wears leather loathers in the color of wine to match his vest while he wears a pair of purple socks that match the undertone color of both his pants and jacket.

This is just his main outfit he changes the overall look once in a while.

Theodore is a average sized teddy bear capable of being carried in one arm.  He is made of a brown cotton that covers most of his body.  The only other fabric on his plushie person is a cream colored cotton blend that is used in the areas of his inner ears, around his nose and mouth, his stomach as well as the ends of both his hands and feet.  Similar to his owner Ayumu, Theodore wears a vest.  His vest is a brown with a small undertone of red in it that matchs his over brown color yet stands apart.  The vest has small piping down the front of it which is black this is to give Theodore a light more flair.  The front of the vest is loose but looking at the back it is stitched into him.  Both Theodore's nose and right eye are made from a deep brown plastic button.  Theodore's left eye though has been misplaced and in response was sew closed and covered with a black leather eye patch.  Looking over the doll one would notice it was in excellent shape as all stitches were still in place and wasn't loosen given the fact that Theodore was of the same age of Ayumu his master.  

Height: 5'3''

Weight: 105 lbs.

Hair Color: Purple

Eye Color: Purple

Guild Mark Color: (What color is the Guild Marking?)

Personality: (What defines your character? What kind of person are they?)


History: (Tell us of your Tale. Tell us how your character came to be who they are.)
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Ayumu - Wip
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