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 Vex Hræsvelgr [Fin]

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Vex Hræsvelgr
Vex Hræsvelgr

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PostSubject: Vex Hræsvelgr [Fin]   Vex Hræsvelgr [Fin] Icon_minitimeSun May 11, 2014 10:44 am

Name: Vex Hræsvelgr

Alias: Guild Master, The Cold Fighter, Hræsvelgr (Corpse Swallower)

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Guild: Gray Fox

Rank: Guild Master/God Slayer

Pet: None Yet

Location of Guild Marking: Back of his Left Hand


Vex Hræsvelgr [Fin] Fgdfgd10

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 170 lbs

Hair Color: White

Eye Color: Left Eye Blue, Right Eye Red

Guild Mark Color: Ice Blue


Defender: Losing someone he had found to be a father figure in his life, Vex had taken it upon himself to defend the people around him. The lives of the people he meets are far more precious to him than anything, almost as if keeping them alive or near him is an obsession. He wants to be sure of their safety and will attempt to protect them at all costs, especially his Guild members; to him, the guild is his family and his home.

Tactician: Thinking ahead of his opponent at every move, learning their fighting style and adjusting himself to the situation, this has been Vex’s trump card when it came down to it. Always with a way out and a strategy to fight his opponent, Vex has not lost many fights he could not punch his way through. Retreating on a few occasions was all Vex could do when he had been near his end and it ever only occurred once. Other than that, Vex has taken to planning and studying his opponent beforehand. This planning has led to many victories and will continue to benefit Vex in the future.

Hardheaded: A plan is a plan, and once it is set in Vex’s mind, there is no going back. A hardheaded tactician is a difficult one when his belief that he knows best is something to get around. When his plan is set, it’s because he knows he is right in his judgment and had rarely been wrong. Of course he is also hard headed when it comes to other things such as debates and things, but battle would be his main concern as debates had opinions and battles, to Vex, are based on facts. This, for the hardheaded Vex, is a fact.

Researcher: Always looking into new ways to buff up his profession as a Guild Leader, who is also a Boxer, Vex researches everything possible for that is what his master did before him; researching into many things, especially the cataclysmic eclipsing of the sun. Information that was unknown to him had intrigued Vex as he had liked to learn about almost anything and everything. Learning new ways to fight and dodge, what has not been discovered by others, learning so much about everything around him would help Vex in his life as he knew knowledge held much power in this world.

People Person: Vex learned, growing up in a Guild, that other people are in need of so much such as attention and training. These requirements molded Vex into what is known as a “People Person,” always helping and giving as much training as he can to the ones that need it. Charismatic is one way to describe Vex as he treats his Guild members with equality and even shares a drink with them every now and again as they would seem to enjoy his company. Listening to their requests, singing along in drunken lullabies, training with the ones that needed help, this is what Vex lived for.


History: The Story of Vex begins in the darkness of the eclipsed sun. The sunlight had been blocked out for more than a century and was now going on its 130th year. A woman could be heard screaming through the Vaylith Kingdom as she gave birth to her son, Vex Hræsvelgr. This had been her first and only son as she was on the road to her demise as her heart was giving out from the birthing process. The doctors immediately rushed Vex out of the room. Being rushed out of the room, the woman felt her life slipping away and looked to the nearest doctor and spoke: “My son…his name is Vex… Hræsvelgr…tell him that and tell him he will be a special boy…” The doctors nodded and tended to the mother who had died a few minutes later. The baby Vex had cried, never opening his eyes as his crying was echoing through the hospital. A female doctor had taken the baby and had gone to look for a home for him.

As it was night, the doctor was unsure of anyone who would be awake at this hour. Searching for almost an hour, the doctor had just about given up hope until she saw a newly formed Guild Hall in the kingdom. This Guild was not too far from the hospital, but was almost an hour’s walk. A man about the age of 70 had been standing outside of the Guild Hall, staring at it proudly with his hands on his hips and a stance of one who had accomplished much. The doctor approached the man. “Excuse me, sir…I don’t mean to bother you, but this one has lost his mother and his father is nowhere to be found. The mother claimed that the father had perished, but never said when and-“ the doctor would attempt to continue, but was instead halted by the man’s disheartening gaze as he looked at her.

The man approached the doctor and looked down at the baby, who had suddenly stopped crying when the man rested his gentle old hands upon the baby’s head. The baby opened his eyes to reveal oddly colored eyes, the left being blue and the other being red. A smile spread across the man’s face and the man took the baby from the doctor’s hands. “This baby…he is special, no?” The man asked, looking down at the baby. The doctor smiled, “Well yes, all life is-“ again the doctor was cut off. “No. This baby is far more special than the average one. This one has the potential… Thank you doctor, I will take responsibility from here.” The man turned from the doctor. “Um…sir, your name? I need to report this and our faculty will check up on the child at random times.” The doctor spoke. “My name is Rennard Felgrand. Know me as the Grey Foxes Guild Master, and this boy as the future. What’s his name?” Rennard asked. “The boy’s name? His mother said his name was Vex Hræsvelgr. She said it the few seconds she had before she passed…” The doctor trailed off. Learning the boy’s name, Rennard had taken the boy into his Guild Hall and taken the boy into the back room.

Not long had passed since obtaining the boy, Rennard caring for the boy as if it were his own child. Of course that didn’t always mean nurturing the child. Rennard would teach Vex in the ways of Magic, Ice-Make to be exact. Slowly but surely, Vex was learning these methods as an infant. Of course Vex did not fully understand and was put through subtle reflex training as well. Poking Vex with an index Finger, Vex would sometimes dodge these and got better as he had aged. This was impressive for the Guild Master and the Guild Master had begun to teach Vex even more. Teaching subtle fighting methods with dodging and fighting back in new ways, the Guild Master knew Vex would be a fighter in his life, possibly a leader.

Five years had passed and Vex was now the age of five, understanding more about Ice-Make magic and learning how to perform incomplete techniques here and there. Vex’s reflexes had grown as a passion for fighting with his fists developed as well. This made Rennard proud as Rennard was a boxer in his younger days. This allowed Rennard to flex his old Boxing talents and teach Vex how to fight as one. Vex’s punches had become swift and his reflexes had become far more impressive. There was still much to teach Vex and the one way Rennard would attempt to do so would be to teach Vex something Rennard could not learn himself as it had become too late for him. Rennard had discovered and ancient magic that was used to slay “Gods” and this would be put to practice for Vex as Rennard felt there would be no purpose in learning it himself with his old age.

This ancient magic had been known to be powerful and would aide Vex later on if taught correctly. Another five years had passed, Vex now the age of ten and learning even more about the Boxing fighting style and God Slayer magic. The God Slayer Magic was taught to him from an ancient book that had been discovered by the guild in a mission. The book had been given to the Guild Master almost a month or two before he had taken Vex into the Guild. It seemed fitting for the Guild Master to teach Vex in the God Slayer Magic and it was made for Ice-Make which gave the Guild master an even better excuse to teach Vex these things. Vex had been so happy to learn new things and seemed to make the Guild Master happy as well with each new thing Vex has adapted.

The skills Vex had now possessed were impressive, especially for a ten year old. Swift punching and developing Ice-Make God Slayer abilities was really impressive for Rennard but he had so little time left to teach Vex all of what he knew. But the Guild Master had to teach Vex these things as fast as he could while he spent his time in research as well. Researching the Eclipsed Sun was one of the main priorities for Rennard and when he had been researching this, Rennard would send Vex to train with the other members of the Guild and get more acquainted with them. Vex would laugh and drink milk with the Guild members, learning about them and the Magic they could use. For them, Vex was a child the guild had raised as a family, teaching him so much and always looking out for him. Vex had admired this and always attempted to fight for his Guild members. It would never happen though, as Vex was not allowed to go on Guild Missions until he was old enough.

Another five years, Vex had become fifteen and was now using his Ice-Make almost proficiently, but using the God Slayer Magic was difficult for Vex as to him it felt unnatural as compared to the Ice-Make he had grown accustomed to. But he knew Rennard would want him to learn this powerful magic and would want Vex to be able to use it with ease. Vex would take this thought and force himself to train harder in God Slayer magic which would seem to darken his Ice-Make powers, giving them a sort of black tint. As uncomfortable as it was, Vex continued this training and began training with other members of the guild, other than Rennard, to train in God Slayer Magic and new ways to combat in his boxing fighting style, which he had also adapted a Kickboxing fighting style from the members who had seemed to use their legs very well.

Rennard would watch as Vex would train in his abilities. But watching over Vex was no longer Rennard’s concern as much as researching deeper into why the sun had become eclipsed. The darkness was thick and what magic could keep up for this long? Almost two hundred years. Something was unnatural about the Eclipsing and Rennard knew he had to learn more about it. Vex would continue to train and now take on missions that were of the lowest rank to build his abilities even further. Upon his age of being able to take on missions, Vex would receive a brand of his Guild on the back of his left hand. This would excite Vex, with every mission he would take on with a small group of members. Usually the missions would consist of retrieving information or items for someone, but on a rare occasion, Vex would be able to defend and fight, which is what Vex looked forward to as to use his abilities against others.

A mission had come one day, Vex turning the age of sixteen and took the request. The mission was to meet with someone outside of a stadium to test out a few runs. Vex did not know what this meant, but taking the request, Vex found himself outside of a coliseum where he would meet a female who handed Vex a paper with the number 1 on it. “Um... what’s this for?” Vex would ask the girl. “Oh, it’s your entry number! You will be participating in a tournament to test your abilities in magic and fighting overall. There are no weapons allowed, so if you carry one, please leave it in the locker room. Thank you, and good luck!” The girl said excitedly. Vex would look down at his number and think. He was in a tournament to test his skills. This could be what he had been looking for.

Round one had commenced, Vex standing in the corner of a square tile platform opposite of another. The other had seemed to possess water magic, which seemed to be an easy match for Vex as he would freeze the water and rush up to his opponent. His opponent did not seem very well off in a hand to hand combat situation and was very nervous about everything he had done. “Hey, are you okay? Did you want to just throw this match? You don’t seem ready to fight yet and I don’t want to hurt you,” Vex would offer the opponent who shook his head nervously and fought on. Vex would finish the match quickly with a swift punch to the jaw, knocking out his opponent in a single swing.

Round two was against a person who seemed to use Lightning magic and was good at using it. Vex would throw down as many Ice-Barriers as he could with his God Slayer magic and burst through when he would have the chance, though the lightning seemed to take care of the Ice-Barriers without a problem. Vex would have to take a more offensive approach and dodged left and right of the lightning shot at him, firing a strong Ice pillar at his opponent. The opponent was prepared for it and fired a bolt of lightning through it, narrowly missing Vex as Vex would dodge roll under the bolt and leap up with an uppercut to the opponents jaw, thick and rugged ice wrapped around his fists.

Final Round, Vex would be facing a female who used Ice Magic and was evidently proficient with it as she immediately fired as much ice as she could from the beginning of the match. Vex would be confused on how he would combat his own element with someone who used more of it than Vex would. A sudden impulse would hit Vex as he recalled from a training session that he would be able to devour the ice and Vex proceeded to follow his recollections as he devoured the ice that was hurling towards him. This would increase Vex’s power and Vex would fire a large ice pillar at the female who leaped over it. Vex would rush up to her and combat her in a fist fight. Her reflexes were skilled and defending with Ice as much as she could was impressive. Vex would mimic her every defense as she did so he would learn it for his future battles. Vex would take a swift strike at the female’s throat then slam his knee into her gut and leap back as she fell to the floor in defeat. Vex had won the tournament.

After winning his tournament bout, Vex would ask the woman outside of the coliseum if this was a regular thing which he could enter and the female smiled and said it would occur once a month and Vex would be able to enter any time he wishes. Vex would proceed with excitement on his face and money in his pocket. Upon returning to the Guild, Vex would announce his victory which would cause the Guild to cheer. Once a month, Vex would enter the tournament to test his skills and grow in power, still training and learning his God Slayer abilities. Rennard would still continue to research the Eclipsing but would train Vex on occasion as now Rennard’s time seemed scarce and ex would be the only one to speak to him on occasion.

Four years had passed, Vex was now twenty and had fought in the tournament countless times, winning every match and never losing. Vex would finally be sent on an A-Rank mission as to prove himself to the guild. With this, Vex would take a party of himself and three other members who were qualified for A-Rank missions. His first A-Rank mission was to defend a nearby village from strong Wizards of an unknown Dark Guild. Vex knew this wouldn’t be easy as this would mean life or death in this mission and he would not know how to combat this as Vex was not one to kill. But this would not stop Vex from completing his mission.

Reaching the village was no problem, friendly people along the way as well as a few animals. Vex wanted to adopt an animal for some time, but was unsure of what to get as not many would be able to like the cold as he did. Contemplating this thought, Vex would consider finding a pet that would adopt his love for the cold. But before that, his mission would need to reach completion and in order for that to happen, Vex would have to survive. The village he was to defend with his guild members was small and didn’t seem to be worth much. Vex met with the village leader. “Hey there. We’ve been sent here from the Grey Foxes to defend this…” Vex was halted as the village leader turned swiftly with near tears in his eyes. The village leader grabbed a hold of Vex and started hugging him. Vex was attempting his best to push the leader away, but the village leader seemed to babble on in thanks and Vex whined and tried to get the leader off. Finally the leader released Vex and told him of the situation and why the Dark Guild wanted to harm his people.

“You see, we have actually discovered a goldmine of magical knowledge. Beneath this village is a large room with several magical artifacts. And tell you what, kiddo! If you can fend off these hooligans, I will teach you a secret to learn things at a faster pace than normal,” The village leader winked and let Vex leave from the leaders dwelling. Upon leaving the dwelling, Vex would meet with his party and wait until nighttime, which is when the Dark Guild was said to attack. This would be Vex’s first real battle, or at least what he considered his first as he felt this would be a true life and death situation.

Reaching nightfall, stomping could be heard from the entrance where Vex and his party entered. Vex would avert his attention to the stomping to see many people dressed in dark clothing and holding weapons charging into the village. Vex would be the first to rush in as he was very confident in his ability to win. Dodging weapons and delivering devastating punches to the many foes was proof of Vex’s power, without using his God Slayer magic as he was determined to learn the secret to learning the abilities at a faster pace. This would be his motivation as he fought on. One enemy approached at a slower pace though, as if he was filled with power that would cause him to walk at an arrogant pace.

Vex would blindly charge in after the arrogant one and almost instantly have the tables turn on him when the person summoned a celestial being. Vex had never come into contact with one before, but was told that their power was immense and had to be avoided at all costs. The celestial being was monstrous and forced Vex to stop in his tracks. The Celestial sent a large fist towards Vex, and since Vex was stunned in amazement and fear, his body couldn’t react, the fist making a tremendous landing on Vex’s upper body, sending Vex flying backwards and rolling. Two of Vex’s guild members ran after the celestial while one stayed back to heal Vex. It was truly astounding how powerful it was, but Vex knew he couldn’t let his friends do the fighting for him. Vex got up for another round.

“Alright you big ugly beast, we’re going for another round. Ding ding,” Vex would smile as he charged in towards the beast, engulfing himself in God Slayer Ice Armor, again being hit but only shoved back slightly this time with a slight wince in pain. Vex would grab a hold of the celestials arm with his right hand and sent a left hook towards the celestial being as swiftly and as powerfully as he could. The celestial ducked, causing Vex to miss but immediately raise a knee to the celestials face, causing it to fly back a bit, but not as far as Vex did before. Vex would charge again, using his Ice-Make to create spiked knuckles and repeatedly slam both of his fists into the celestials body who just seemed to take it until he finally collapsed to one knee, Vex slamming his left fist as hard as he could into the celestials skull.

Returning his view back to the one who summoned the celestial, Vex began to walk. The one who summoned the celestial seemed to cower as Vex drew near and instead of taking a hit, retreated. Vex and the guild members would cheer and go to collect their reward from the village leader. They each received payment and Vex was left alone in the dwelling with the leader. “So, you want to know the secret do ya? Well, it’s really quite simple. Are you ready?” The leader asked Vex, building up suspense to the reveal. Vex nodded so fast it appeared his head was going to fly off. “Alright! The secret…to learning anything quickly…is…believing in yourself! Believe in your abilities and always try your best in everything you do! That is what will make you powerful!” The leader smiled wide, Vex slouched over in disappointment and thanked the leader before leaving to his Guild with the other members.

Five more years had passed, Vex turning twenty five now and learning so much from his past experiences with more missions. His abilities coming into their own and growing further in strength as Vex did. His fighting involved more punching and being more versatile with the Ice-Make he had come to learn to use with ease, the God Slayer magic becoming almost a second nature to him now. Rennard, his Guild master was reaching his final days as sickness had taken over the old man. Vex would go to comfort his master with soup and such, but nothing seemed to help. Finally, Vex had taken the Guild Master to the hospital.

Rushing the Guild Master in, the doctors would approach Vex and tell him that the illness the Guild Master was struck with was terminal and there was one day left to live for the old man. Vex didn’t know what to say or what to do. Vex simply rushed into the room where his master was and stared as the old man seemed to be on the edge of his life. “You know… Vex… “ The old man would start “You are a young boy I have raised as if you were my own son. I’ve already told you about how you came to be in the guild and everything about what was told to me about your mother and father. Not much, I will say… But seeing as you are my only son… I want you to… I want you to take over the guild when I am gone. You’ll know what to do to run the guild as you have been studying under me after all… hehe…” The Guild master would chuckle as his eyes closed and he seemed to be resting. Vex felt a single tear fall from his right eye.

Sitting in the same hospital room his master was in, Vex began to talk and tell his master of the missions he had been on and how exciting they were for him. The master shared his own and the two seemed to laugh a bit before loud beeping was heard from a monitor, revealing the master’s heart had given out. Vex got up and placed his hand on his master’s head and smiled as more tears fell from his eyes. Vex was escorted out of the hospital and walked back to the Guild. Vex would enter and inform the Guild that he would be taking over as Guild Master as Rennard had requested. The Guild seemed to be in agreement that this would be the best course of action, though some seniority did not seem to approve very much but allowed it as they did not want to lead.

Walking into his old masters room, Vex saw a white suit with a white overcoat, white jeans, white shoes, white vest, white pinstripe dress shirt with gray lines, gray tie, gray belt and a white fedora with a black rim. A letter was attached to the suit. “Vex, my son… You have been proven worthy to become Guild Master when the time is right and I want you to wear this suit proudly as I did. I never really wore it, but you get the idea. Just be sure to take care of the Guild and be safe, my son. Love, Rennard Felgrand.” And after reading the letter, Vex would put the letter away and dress in the suit.

Four and a half year had passed, Vex now near his thirtieth birthday, and this drawing the 200th year the eclipse had been up. Vex would continue to lead the guild as his master did, gathering as much information and giving plenty of missions to his guild members. Vex would rarely leave the Guild on quests anymore, but would tag along when he had the chance as he wanted to be sure his guild was safe in their missions and he wanted to keep up his training. Vex would live for his master and be sure to keep the guild safe as his master wished. And as for a pet? Vex would continue to search for a companion that would appreciate his love for cold, but for now, he will be well off.

Vex Hræsvelgr [Fin] Sadasd11
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