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 Siven Renatsu [WIP]

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Silven Renatsu

Silven Renatsu

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PostSubject: Siven Renatsu [WIP]   Siven Renatsu [WIP] Icon_minitimeSun May 11, 2014 10:16 pm


Name: Silven Renatsu

Alias: Guild Master, Silver Lightning

Age: 36

Gender: Male

Guild: Satellites

Rank: Guild Master/Dragon Slayer

Pet: Black dog "Storm"

Location of Guild Marking: Right shoulder



Height: 5'8"

Weight: 195 lbs

Hair Color: Silver

Eye Color: White

Guild Mark Color: Grey


Dragon Slayer: Shortly after Silven's Birth, his parents were killed by a dark guild who tried to take his families money and power. Alone and orphaned, Silven roamed the forest as he no longer knew where to go. He was found by Raitori, the lightning dragon, who adopted him and trained him in the lost art of the Lightning dragon slayer magic. Along with his training, Silven learned much about the world before the eclipse and that of the land around him; how to hunt, interaction with others, as well as writing and speech.

Teamwork: Thanks to the training from his mother, Silven learned much about his powers and of the outside world. Found by the master of the Satellite guild, he decided to stay and become a member as to train himself and search for his Mother, Raitori. During his time in Satellite, he learned much about his partners  giving him new experiences and learning many new techniques that he trained diligently on to master as much as possible. Silven earned a name for him self and his unique fighting magic giving him the name Silver lightning, from his hair color.


History: Over a century has passed since the unexplained eclipse of the sun, causing many people on this land to go in panic and rage. The year is 164ae , it is late into the night and screams are heard inside the Renatsu estates as a woman is giving birth the her son, Silven Renatsu.
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Siven Renatsu [WIP]
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