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 Kai Teki Shidearu

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PostSubject: Kai Teki Shidearu   Kai Teki Shidearu Icon_minitimeFri May 16, 2014 8:45 pm

Name: (What's your name?) Kai Teki Shidearu(Translates to Times foe is death)

Alias: (What is your nickname?) The Air under the Wing of the Falcon Wing, The Clock maker, Keki by his Assistant, just to troll him.

Age: (How old are you?) 65

Gender: (Are you male? Female? Trans?) Male

Guild: (What Guild do you belong to?) He is the leader of the Falcon Wing guild.

Rank: (What is your rank in the Guild? D, C, B, A, S) He is S ranked, although often uses his magic at B level to make it seem like he's weaker then he is.

Pet: (If you have a pet.) N/A

Location of Guild Marking: (Where is your Guild Marking located?) It's on his right shoulder, in the front, out of the way.


Appearance: (Describe how your character appears or use a picture. Or both!)


Height: (How tall are you?) 7'3

Weight: (How much do you weigh? Don't be shy.) 200 Even, due to large amounts of muscles.

Hair Color: (What color is your hair?) Brown

Eye Color: (What color are your eyes? They don't have to be the same color either.) Black

Guild Mark Color: (What color is the Guild Marking?) Green

Personality: (What defines your character? What kind of person are they?)

He has many sides to his personality, yet, not due to any disorder, but due to the age he is.

He has two happy 'moods'. The fake happy, and the real happy. They are really, REALLY, different. His fake happy is what someone would concive of normal happy. Running around, jumping, smiling, and just in general seeming brighter. Nah. When he's happy, he openly pervs*.  He also tends to do... stupid things when he's happy. Including, but not limited to, jumping off roofs, free running through bandit camps, among other things.

Next up on his list of emotions, is when he's sad. He's really no fun when he's sad. He doesn't even perv. It takes a lot to make him sad, but when he does get sad, he doesn't perv. Mind you, he doesn't cry, but you can see as he slows down. So much so that even Antony can keep up with him with ease.

Now onto the more touchy subjects... aka love. Love is something he hasn't exactly enountered much in life, but he has once or twice. It's something he really doesn't know how to deal with. He tends to shy away from it, unlike fights which he tends to go towards with smarts, and brawn. Although, fights are a different subject. Love is just something he's a sap about.

Now, onto fights with him. This changes every single time. Sometimes, he is loud, sometimes he is quiet. He always bring smarts and brawn into the fights. He knows Karate, Tai Kwan Do, among others. Along with his own counter style.

*Openly Pervs= Grabbing his helpers, and any other womens, breasts at will


History: (Tell us of your Tale. Tell us how your character came to be who they are.)

Birth and being raised/trained friend.:

Fight with the Villages Gang:

Getting Stronger and Underground Fighting Ring:

Guild Time! Part one!:

Guild days part two- Working for the Guild:

[spoiler= Guild Times Part 3- The adventures to the Sheren home.]

The next time we drop in on them, they are traveling to the home of Alexzander and Lilyann. Kai happens to tag along, by Lilys request. Her brother was annoyed by it, but it didn't matter to him. He'd just tag along behind them, letting them talk and all, without much of a care. At this point, he knew how to use his magic well, but rarely used it. He didn't like it.

After a day or two of traveling, they arrived at the mansion. They were met with an army of Lily and Alexzanders Father. Kai stepped forward.

"What's the army for? It's not like we're here to kill/hurt anyone." Kai said, pouting and crouching.

"We're here to guard the Shenren household." One of the men said.

"Are ya gonna let us through? We got Lilyann for ya." Kai would say.

"Yes. Make sure to take off all weapons." One of the men said, walking up to Kai.

"I don't got any weapons besides my body." Kai said, smirking.

The man who had walked up, attempted to slap Kai for the comment, but ended up going up 7 feet, and down 7 feet when Kai picked him up and threw him down for trying.

"KAI! WHAT THE HELL?" He'd hear Alexzander chime in.

"HE TRIED TO SLAP ME!" Kai would yell back.

The two would then start punching each other, only to be seperated by the army, well, 4 people of the army out of the 50 or so that were there. Of course, they stopped, because they didn't want to fight an army. Lily was walked in, but Alexzander and Kai were told to stay  outside... which as you can guess didn't end well.

They'd back up, before Kai would put his hands into a spell casting position, and a spell circle would come up, but stay up. "Move. Or you will all be moved by me." He said, and meant it. Since Lily's dad was a cheapskate, he hired guards who could do no magic, and quickly scattered.

"Well. That was easy." Kai said, shutting down his magic circle.

They walked in through the front gates, caring not for anything else.   Kai was lead, by Alex, to a spare room. It was where he was to stay until he was needed again. He stayed there, for two days, having food brought to him, and having drinks brought to him on his whim, he liked it, but he felt something was up.

He'd get up from the bed he'd been laying in, and stretch. He'd look around without moving, and then move to the door. At the door, he'd attempt to open it, but it was locked from the outside, and he murmured, "I guess I gotta do this the old fashioned way" He backed up, and with quite the ram, he broke straight through the door frame. Thank god for his large shoulders! He then started to move around the house, and after awhile, found a room that had a lock on it, and knocked. A voice sounded out from the other side.

"Yes? Who is this?" It sounded like Alexzander, so he yelled back,"It's the guy who threw the guard, me, Kai."
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Kai Teki Shidearu
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