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 Antony Morley (WIP)

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Antony Mortis

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PostSubject: Antony Morley (WIP)   Antony Morley (WIP) Icon_minitimeSat May 17, 2014 1:45 am

Name: Antony Morley

Rigor Mortis (Based off of his last name to make fun of him for being a stiff. Eventually began being used seriously. Mortis itself was chosen as his last name due to being similar to his last name and sounding cool and edgy to him.)
Ricky Mortis (A mocking derivative of his nickname made after people started taking it seriously.)

Age: (How old are you?)

Gender: Male

Guild: Falcon Wing

Rank: S

Location of Guild Marking: Between his shoulder blades





Height: 5'9"

Weight: 123 lbs

Hair Color: Dusty Black

Eye Color: Red-Brown

Guild Mark Color: Black


Antony is a quiet man who wishes to live a quiet life. While some desire fame, fortune or love, he simply wants to live comfortably without any undue attention. This seems to be in direct opposition with some of his habits and even his strength and job, but he has grown to see these aspects of his life as normal, though he acknowledges that others may not. He is very stubborn and does not like to be taken outside of his comfort zone. He also doesn't like explaining the rhyme or reason to his actions or habits or talking about himself. The subject he is most comfortable talking about is magic. Most else is uninteresting to him. While he is not malicious, he doesn't particularly care about people and is somewhat misanthropic. His personal belief is that the corruption of man caused the eclipse which metaphorically speaking probably isn't too far off. He doesn't have empathy though he can show sympathy.  He knows that many would judge him if they knew his true nature and as a result forms a negative opinion of people before he even meets them. While many of this man's interesting traits were developed over time, it is obvious that he was never a normal person. That is, it is obvious to a person who actually knows him.

Bland food with a variety of flavors.
Learning about new types of magic and observing them with his own eyes.
Observing the bodies of lithe young woman.
The feeling of fabric on his skin, especially a well-fitting suit.
A cool breeze.
Simplicity and order.

Being touched by people or animals. This includes their secretions or waste.
Very flavorful food.
Fighting or exerting himself in general.
Intense sensations of pain, heat, cold, or irritation.  
Large crowds, especialy chaotic ones.
Uncomfortable tags in his clothing.
Fighting and exerting himself in general outside of exercise.
Alcohol, which gives his personality a 180 degree flip due to his low tolerance.

Describing young women's bodies in a journal. He keeps this journal chained to his dress pants on his left side by a series of black leather straps.
Describing magic he has observed in a journal. He keeps this journal chained to his dress pants on his right side by a series of black leather straps.
When he is writing in his journals, sketches often accompany his writing though this isn't present in earlier journals. He always wties in black pen, six of which are kept in his pocket and checked before leaving his guild to avoid ink stains or pens that do not write.
He exercises every weekend.
He always go to the fair whenever he sees one at most once a month. He goes to the bottle toss and throws until he has spent 5000 jewels or has won without cheating. He chooses the largest yellow plush he can as a prize and specifically searches for one in the form of a bear. He never leaves with the plush.
Determining his luck using his fingernail clippings and acting accordingly.
He always underperforms so that less is expected of him. He pretends to only be capable of missions up to B-Rank and holds back when showing off his magic or physical skills to this effect. Of course, his will to live is stronger than his will to be unnoticed.
He always dresses in a full black suit and during the winter he wears a black trenchcoat.

He is ambidextrous.
He can flip to the approximate location of a page of a book he is unfamiliar with and the exact page of any book he is familiar with.
He knows Capoeira, but he is out of practice and had only basic competence before he stopped practicing it.
To live a simple life that doesn't compromise his interests, comfort, or impulses.

Being exposed as a pervert after having one of his journals exposed as well as reputation damage in general.


History: (Tell us of your Tale. Tell us how your character came to be who they are.)

- Dark Magic Mom

The story of Antony Morley begins with the powerful Dark Mage, Comfort Jarrett, more infamously known as the Dark Mage Marianne Jarrett.

- A toddler with too much focus?
- Growing up and other kids
- Journal Days and fitness
- Courting
- Magic Days
- Learning
- Guildship
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Antony Morley (WIP)
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