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 Lunae Reginam

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Lunae Reginam

Lunae Reginam

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PostSubject: Lunae Reginam   Lunae Reginam Icon_minitimeSat May 31, 2014 12:53 am

Name: Lunae Reginam

Alias: Luna, Lunar Queen

Age: 217 but looks to be 17

Gender: Female

Guild: Lunar Maidens

Rank: Guild Leader/Magic Council Member

Pet: None

Location of Guild Marking: Left thigh.


Apperance image:

Height: Luna is exactly 5 feet 11 inches

Weight: You know, it’s rude to ask a lady her weight.

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Cobalt

Guild Mark Color: Purple

Personality: Lunae’s personality has gone through many changes in the 200 years she’s been cursed. Originally, her personality was that of a scared woman. She had no clue who she was, or where she was. It was only thanks to 8 other women who also had no clue who they were or where they were she was able to keep her sanity. Over the years however, Lunae’s personality started to change. It took a turn for the worst about 50 years ago when she was betrayed by a trusted ally who attempted to destroy the guild. She had been able to quell the rebellion, at great cost however. Most of the guild had sided with the traitor, leaving Lunae and the rest of the guild in shambles. After that day, her personality has become cold and distant, almost uncaring. She has now gotten into the habit of being militaristic about her way of thinking, and trains her guild members to think the same.


History: The story of Lunae Reginam takes place before the eclipse. Lunae was born 217 years ago, to a loving family that belonged to a young guild. The guild’s name was Merry Slayers, a rather small guild that only consisted of around 20 members. However, despite the small size of the guild, they were all powerful mages. Especially the current Guild Master. A man that happened to be Lunae’s father. Now, Lunae is not her birth name. Lunae was born with the name of Silvia Redfox, however she would come to forget this name as time rolled on.

Lunae's life went very well for a young girl. Being the daughter of two mages gave her the gift of magic as well, a gift she used well. She had been able to study three types of magic, those magics being a variant of The Knight that she liked to call the Gun Store, the magic known as Dark Écriture, and finally, Water Magic. While she studied all of these, she excelled at the magic Gun Store, which allowed her to summon custom made magic guns in an alternate space. Her studies went well for 5 years before she finally became a full fledged member of the guild. She was 15 when this happened. However, things were not meant to last as the guild was soon to take part in a war for the world.

The Merry Slayers had discovered a plot by the guild *entry is too smudged to be read properly*, a new guild that people had been praising for their powers. The plot was a dangerous one, they sought to block out the sun and cast the world into eternal darkness, and the Merry Slayers wanted to stop them. So, shortly after Lunae's 17th birthday, that was exactly what they did. They sought out *entry is too smudged to be read properly* and found them at the edge of the Worth Woodsea as they had started to enact their plan.

The Merry Slayers was still a small guild at this point, only around 30 members, and they had all shown up for this showdown. The entire guild, though small, were all S class wizards. However, that would show for nothing as it only took 3 members of the other guild to wipe them out, leaving Lunae, along with 8 other women, unintentionally alive. However, Lunae, along with the 8 other women, would be unable to stop the guild as they succeeded in their goal. They finished their magic and blocked out the sun, causing Lunae and the 8 other women to be knocked unconscious from a burning pain in the area where their guild markings were, Lunae's being on her left thigh.

Lunae woke up a few hours later, the other guild was gone, but that wasn't her biggest concern. She had no clue who she was, or where she was. She was scared. All around her were bodies and debris from the 'battle' that had happened hours before. Lunae had no clue why she was here, or how she got here, or even where 'here' was. She looked up and saw that the world was slowly being cast into darkness as the moon eclipsed the sun. As she looked up and saw this, she felt an intense burning sensation on her left thigh. She looked down to see a marking that she didn't recognize, not that she would have been able to in the first place.

Standing up Lunae looked around and saw other women looking as lost as she was. She ran up to them and asked them where they were. Nobody seemed to know. This wasn't good. They were all fairly young women too, with Lunae being one of the youngest. They all had the same marking too. Not all in the same place as Lunae, but the same marking. Finally someone spoke up, they had had a memory flash and discovered that these markings must have meant they were all in a guild. However, as none of them had their memories, or could remember their names, how would they be able to remember the name of their guild, or the location?

Lunae finally spoke up. She had been mulling things over in her head, and found something that she thought could be useful. She opened her hand and pointed it towards a random tree and shot out a blast of water. She told the women that they should try doing something similar, anything that came to mind. She watched as the other women did various things, all of them finding out they had some kind of magic. Well that was one mystery solved, they were all wizards and part of a wizarding guild. One of the women had looked at one of the bodies and discovered they had the same marking as them, so they must have been their fellow guild mates. But they had no clue what happened to them and why they would be dead.

They all wracked their brains for names, and, Lunae herself finding nothing, decided to give herself a new name. She had remembered studying a language known as Latin, and remembered that the first thing she saw was the moon eclipsing the sun, so she decided to name herself Lunae, after the moon. For her last name she was to call herself Reginam, or queen. So that was her name, Lunae Reginam, or Moon Queen.

It was finally decided that since the bodies that scattered the ground were determined to be members from their guild, that one of them had to have been the guild leader. A vote was taken to elect the new leader, and it came to rest on Lunae. It was a position she took a little unwillingly, but something inside of her said that she deserved this position. From then on she had been the leader of the guild, a guild that she had decided to rename the Lunar Maidens, since they couldn't remember the original name.

Things went well for about 10 years, however the women had discovered something. They had stopped aging. While the rest of the world was in panic at the eclipsing of the sun, the Lunar Maidens was indifferent. The ladies had been taking jobs here and there to try to solve the mystery, but they had all come up empty. All they could determine was that two guilds had been in a war shortly before the eclipsing, these guilds being the Merry Slayers, and *entry is too smudged to be read properly*, both guilds had vanished.

In the 10 years, the Lunar Maidens name started to come with a stigma. People were questioning why none of the women were aging, as well as their how their strange magic seemed to be unheard of until they started using it, so most of the towns annd villages stopped giving them jobs, letting the other, more well established guilds do the work. This of course led the Lunar Maidens to suffer the first of their many bankruptcies.

However, they remained unfazed. They left the town they were based in and relocated to a small village that had started to spring up on the outskirts of the Worth Woodsea, the same area they had woken up. Here, Lunae had the idea to build not only their new guild hall, but a school as well. They wanted to teach the younger generations about the world. This would also serve as a way for them to research the world at large. This proved to be the right decision as the school still stands today as part of the Lunar Maidens Academy.

50 years after the sun was eclipsed, the Lunar Maidens had finally made a good name for themselves. They had been come to be known as 'The Immortals', a title that Lunae, refused to take. Unlike a majority of the other women, she was not enjoying her immortality. She had read something in a book once. A saying that went something along the lines of: Man seeks immortality for their entire lives, but when one finally attains it, they see just how boring it truly is. Lunae had grown bored with her immortality. It was at this point that she took a small journey around the world to find the purpose for her immortality.

120 years after the sun was eclipsed, Lunae returned to the village, a changed woman. She had learned much in her time away from the guild and the other women. She had taken time to experiment in everything she could, including reforming the collapsed Magic Council, forming and leading the Magic Marines, a force of wizards who served the magic council as their military arm, and finally becoming a member of the Magic Council themselves, much to the chagrin of Lunae herself as she did not wish to join them, but they knew she was a powerful wizard. Despite her now being a part of the Magic Council, because of her...unique conditions on reforming it, she was allowed to retain leadership of the Lunar Maidens, a position she wanted back.

Upon returning to the Lunar Maidens, Lunae had seen that many changes had happened while she was gone. They had opened up the guild the more members, and it had flourished in her absence, having a good 70 members of varying power. This upset Lunae as she had seen just how malevolent people could be, but she ignored it. Or she tried to at least.

However, 150 years after the sun was eclipsed, she could no longer ignore the new guild members. They had been getting rowdier and rowdier and time went on, to the point of reminding people of the long dead guild Fairy Tail. However, unlike Fairy Tail, this was not a 'all for fun and games' kind of rowdy. Instead it was an 'I want to take charge over the guild' rowdy, and Lunae saw this. However she could do nothing as this side heavily outnumbered Lunae. However, when they started to physically bully the weaker members is when she snapped.

She stepped in and stopped the bullying of a fairly new member to the guild. This proved to be a fatal mistake as it brought the guild into a civil war that threatened to spill over into the townsfolk. This infuriated Lunae and for the first time, she would invoke her right as a member of the Magic Council and strip all members who opposed her of their ranks of legal wizards. This however proved to be an even worse move as the members left the guild to join various Dark Guilds that now sought the end of the Lunar Maidens as well as the death of Lunae Reginam.

Because of the price on her head, ever since that day, Lunae has switched to be more militaristic with her teachings. Believing in corporal punishment rather than letting someone learn from their mistakes the 'easy' way. A personality she still has to this day, 200 years after the eclipsing of the sun.
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PostSubject: Re: Lunae Reginam   Lunae Reginam Icon_minitimeMon Jun 02, 2014 2:45 pm

This I enjoyed Approved @ 46,000 Jewel

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Lunae Reginam
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