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 New Idea - Help would be nice

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New Idea - Help would be nice Empty
PostSubject: New Idea - Help would be nice   New Idea - Help would be nice Icon_minitimeThu Sep 11, 2014 10:25 pm

I am sorting out keys into categories that suit them example today I made a lolita celestial spirit list. Showing keys that would fall into this section and placing them from rarest to cheapest.

I would like to do this with other keys as well example I know their are angels and norse mythology. I would love this to be separated into like lists. To do this right click the image and click copy image url. Paste it into a topic and wrap [*img*][*/img*].

KEY = REMOVE ****'s

If you feel so inclined you can delete the old post containing the image for reason of making more room. I would like all the images in one singular post please. Please don't delete the post if the post contains more then one image in it unless both images were placed into appropriate topics with the exception do not touch Incubbus and Succubus the reason for this is the fact both images are actually one.

Keys you don't see in any category place in a topic called starter these will be the opening of the sites set keys. I don't wish to place all the keys in the shop during the first day due to the fact that it could be the most overwhelming. What I plan to do with the separated keys are slowly introduce them onto the site with small event with 3 - 5 keys per event with at least one platinum/diamond/obsidian key with each event. This might keep peoples interest as they wish to see what their favorite key category might come up with next.

Separating them lets me see what level keys might need to added example looking at the lolita keys I added in six new keys to the lists that were not previously made..... I wonder if I am making any sense....

Well these list will be private to that of the staff and will be allowed to be added on by the staff as well all that would be need is name, image, description, key level, and base element. I will be adding a poll into this topic asking if you like the idea or not if not that is fine as I haven't deleted the old images to the old lolita based keys. If you have any question comments or concerns please post them up I will happily shed light on them.

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New Idea - Help would be nice
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