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 Suggestion Box Rules

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Suggestion Box Rules Empty
PostSubject: Suggestion Box Rules   Suggestion Box Rules Icon_minitimeMon Jan 05, 2015 9:16 pm

This board is here to help use Admins here the individual idea's of those of our members.  Help Center is where you come ask for help in a sense this is where us Admins will come to ask for some help.  Topics in this section what might be some items you wish to see as keys possible events.  Do not think we will quickly dismiss your ideas this is a rather serious section.  As we are all human and have possible limited ideas it is always nice to hear others as well.  Say you have a idea for a event and we really like it and want to adapt it into the role play we will let you know and strike out what you have written in your as well as signing your post with our editing signature.  This section is a good way to earn easy points while at the same time help contribute to the greater good of the site please think of it as a honor.  But please don't discourage if don't pick you there could be a lot of reasons as to why we didn't this could be you might have not explained it enough or we currently can't see how to tie it in currently.

How to post in regards to entering a suggestion, we do not wish to see a signal sentence as a entrance of a suggestion.  We want to see at least a paragraph or two as to why you would want it added.  This is also the same rule if we were to ask you want kind of keys you would like to see added to the key catalog.  As I currently make they key images I personally don't wish to see names of what you want and thats it.  I want to know why you added them why they might appeal to others besides yourself.

The benefits of being picked is rather good, not only do you credit you when the product is finished but as well as you might well receive a small bonus.  The bonus could be a free key roll free Jewel anything might happen even a possible limited edition reward key.  The prizes you could win is unlimited.  But keep in mind each suggestion openings we have will all have a shelf life this could be a week a month or even longer so please keep a eye out for new topics.  With each topic one is allowed to submit three ideas at a time if you do and all suggestions are picked a special reward might be given.  But not all topics allow three suggestions to be submit the admins will list in the opening post how many submissions per persons are allowed as well as tell you if their is a special reward if all your suggestions are picked as well as how long the topic will be opened.  To keep it clean the topic will be deleted and not locked when the time expires.  I understand there is a lot of rules to this section this is due to the fact we want this topic to run smooth and easy and it to be fun.

These are simple rules that can be altered and changed whenever the staff feels like it.
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Suggestion Box Rules
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