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PostSubject: Site Rules   Site Rules Icon_minitimeMon Jan 05, 2015 10:02 pm


  • There are no set real rules in regards to RP'ing.

    Meaning your posts can be a sentence long or 3 paragraphs that will be up to you though. Personally we would like to see more then a sentence long post since it helps that of our partner(s) who are RP'ing with you.
  • Some sections will have word counts per post so please make sure to follow them. Any who don't follow these rules while still posting to take advantage of this will lose all Jewel earned and their topic with their posts will be deleted.
  • Please read lower for site rating for RP'ing.
  • This site is a non Canon Fairy Tail based RP so I hope you can easily make sure that your posts go with this theme.


  • Try to be nice. If we do something you don't like, you can tell us, but use your manners. Please send us PM's and not go shouting it around the site this would only work against you then it would help you.
  • This should be common sense, try not to upset us.
  • We're happy to help with anything, just ask.
  • If you feel that you're being treated unfairly by a staff member, please let another staff member know, we'll do our best to work it out.


  • Don't argue with, or flame other members.  Simple enough right? If we find out that you are doing this we will might have some problems. We wish for everyone to feel comfortable on the site so please be gracious.


  • Keep needless banter out. This means no flooding, spamming, or posting out of character.  Unless you are in the designated area which will allow this.
  • Don't look for loopholes or ways around the rules, you'll still get banned, and you'll look like an unlikable prick.
  • Practice good roleplaying:: No metagaming, gmoding, using chatspeak, etc. Don't know what these are? Look them up.  I don't feel like I need to explain this if you know that they are you should know you shouldn't be doing it.
  • Please no posting of youtube videos in your posts unless its a link and it deals with something in your actual post.
  • Please keep all pictures with posts in a spoiler tag so that you don't end up stretching the page. And if you do wish to post images with your post which I understand is sometimes someones posting style please do not exceed the maximum width size which is 400 pixels wide. Please be respectful of this rule.  The only ones who don't need to follow this rule would be that of staff.
  • Please put Beach Ball at the end of your character app so we know you have read the rules.


  • This site's number one purpose is Roleplaying. Other discussions are allowed, as long as they are in the appropriate boards.
  • This site is rated PG-13, we don't intend to monitor ages, but just know what you're getting into.
  • Topics rating higher then PG-13 must have a MATURE in the title and any content in the post higher then the PG-13 rating needs to be put in a spoiler tag.  Please judge properly when it comes to this if a staff comes across a post of yours without the appropriate spoiler when it can be easily be told that it needs one with will either get a warning or get banned.


  • One minor offense - Warning
  • Two minor offenses - A ban of staff determined time
  • Three minor offenses - One month banning
  • Four minor offenses - Permanent banning by IP address
  • One major offenses - Three month banning
  • Two major offenses - Permanent banning by IP address

    Yes we do apply punishments we only hope you don't exceed one minor offense at the least.  Your minor offense resets every day so its not to bad but if you get two warnings in one day it would then be a two minor offense which will be a banning, the banning will last a set time set by the admins it could be a day or a week.

All rules are allowed to be changed at any time by a admin or mod.
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Site Rules
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